“The awesome thing about Scott is he takes this SAT test, which is this giant thing over all of our heads, and we all view it as if this test determines the rest of our lives. But Scott approaches it like […] the test isn’t that bad. No matter what happens, you go into the mindset of the test going: ‘I’m going to rock this test.’ That probably changed how I approached not just the test, but a lot of other things. I know I’m going to own this.”

Patrick Sweeney | New York NY 

“Your talent has taught [my children] how to study and I truly believe it was you that instilled in them the importance of doing well in school.”

Lisa Pritchard | Ramsey NJ

“Scott makes for a phenomenal resource in the education world. While he is incredibly knowledgeable about the field and the innovative ways to approach it, his true strength lies in the rapport he builds with students and parents. He truly feels like family helping you out. Scott helped my sisters and me all throughout high school and through preparation for our colleges. I truly appreciate what he’s done for me to help me get to the alma mater I love and now work for!”

Ardi Mendoza, Assistant Director of Admissions, Johns Hopkins University | Baltimore MD 

“Scott is a true professional. He ‘studies’ his students and has the ability to size them up – not only their intellectual status, but how to connect with them in a way that makes them want to succeed. He is amazing! I give him my highest recommendation…the connection you make with the kids is like nothing I’ve experienced before.”

Robin McArdle | Ramsey NJ

“Scott is by far the best teacher I have ever had in my life. I have a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, a doctorate degree, and more; I have a wide stretch of experience to say that. He makes learning fun. ”

Gretchen Janssen | Wyckoff NJ

“My kids have benefited from Scott and really love him. They can connect to him, relate to him, and really pay attention when he speaks. He knows what he is talking about and is cool!”

Matt & Nancy Flaum | Franklin Lakes NJ

“We contacted Scott in a pinch for assistance in essay revision required as part of the medical school application process. Scott brought much more to the table than just essay revision. He was instrumental in igniting ideas and the submitted essays were brilliant. The best part of the entire process is that now our son has learned to better express his ideas on paper and is a better writer than when we started this process.”

Victoria Rocha | Montvale NJ

“Scott is a phenomenal teacher. He has an ability to explain things in a very clear way. He helped me unlock things that I have never known before. He is really just amazing!“

Catherine Alektiar | Wyckoff NJ

“Scott helped me immensely in getting through my PreCalculus requirement at Columbia University. If you know me and my skill with numbers, this is nothing short of a miracle. He is dedicated, friendly, brilliant, and any other good adjective you can muster.”

James Underwood | New York NY

“Scott is a great motivator and can really relate to the kids. My kids respected him and his time, and they actually did the work that he asked them to do. I would highly recommend him to anyone! He is the best!”

Beth Shulman | Wyckoff NJ

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