Scott Doty is on a mission: to empower parents to become engaged, proactive assets to their children’s education. Select one of the dedicated channels below for topic-specific resources that will help you give your child EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO SUCCEED!!

Pro Tips/General Best Practices
Tips for the proactive parent of children of various ages. Click here to learn mindsets and strategies for raising kids who succeed in school and beyond.


College Coaching & Test Prep
For parents of high school juniors & seniors~ or for parents who want to get ahead! Click below to access resources and killer techniques developed through work with thousands of clients on five continents.


In these short episodes, I do a super-quick dive into a specific academic topic… just enough to make you dangerous. My goal: equip you to set a tone in the house that says LEARNING IS AWESOME. It never stops, for, as Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Test Taking in Under 60
In these quick segments, I share rapid-fire best practices for STORMING THE TEST. In under a minute, any given “T.T. in 60” video will give you one killer test taking strategy to share with your kids.

Whether I’m getting grilled or doing the grilling, catch these great interactions with titans in their fields to broaden your knowledge base.

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