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We want our kids to be successful in school and in life. We want them to be happy. And we want them to be motivated to be the absolute best students and citizens they can be.

We have a role to play.


You’ve got a tight week. I get it.

In my new “Test Taking in 60 Seconds or Less” segments, I share rapid-fire best practices for STORMING THE TEST. In under a minute, any given “T.T. in 60” video will give you one killer test taking strategy to share with your kids.

Today’s strategy is to ignore conventional wisdom about the importance of sleep the night before the test. Enjoy & spread the genius to friends & fam!!


Welcome to Appreciation, Part Deux!

In today’s episode I share one of my favorite stories: the tale of the one glove. I also delve into the value of artificial scarcity and touch on Shawn Achor’s 23-minute morning ritual designed to enhance appreciation.


Change is the only constant, they say. And to be sure, we are living in volatile times~ there is political, social, and economic upheaval occurring around the globe. Add to this the fact that school-age kids face a multitude of changes in their personal lives throughout adolescence, and you have the potential recipe for feelings of overwhelm, fear, and intense distraction from academics.

In today’s episode, I target the concept of volatility. How can we navigate life’s transitions gracefully and even enthusiastically? The four ideas I present here will help, I hope, to bring poise and resilience during distracting times, freeing your children up to focus on mental well-being and academic success. Please enjoy & share with friends! (and see below for further resources on the topic.)


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October 14, 2016


Sometimes in modern hyper-burbia we become our own worst enemies, stressing and dramatizing every grade and test score… to the point that our well-intentioned but frenetic energy inhibits, rather than promotes, our children’s academic performance. When this happens, we need a little PURA VIDA in our lives.


If you’re the parent of a junior in high school, you’re probably aware that this year is kiiiiind of a big deal. Grades, extra-curriculars, standardized test prep… there’s a lot on your child’s plate~ which means there’s a lot on YOUR plate.


Think back on the people who’ve most made a positive impression on you over the years. Whether they’ve been coaches, family members, friends, or otherwise, research shows that it’s highly likely that all of these people have something in common: they encouraged you.


April 8, 2016



The phrase induces shivers and panic attacks. Even motivated, well prepared students often find themselves in fear & loathing of the test day experience. What questions will I face? Am I prepared? What if I choke? Aahhhh!!! (proceed to down some Haagen-Dazs and wrap into fetal position.)

It doesn’t need to be this way. 

Test day is an opportunity for accomplishment and for personal growth. Typically, our biggest obstacle to success on Game Day isn’t the test– it’s us. WE overthink things. WE second-guess ourselves constantly. WE sabotage weeks or months of solid preparation efforts with poor thinking around the test day experience.


In today’s quick vid, I’ll lay out my FIVE W’s for test day morning. They’re simple, they’re easy to implement– and they rock. They have been shown time and again to increase the odds that you’ll have a successful exam experience.

I hope you find these useful for your kids. Good luck & STORM the test!!

Any other great test day ideas that you’ve used in the past with success? Share them below!

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According to Noel Burch and several other psychologists and performance experts, there is a useful paradigm for understanding the steps to becoming truly adept at a certain skill: the Hierarchy of Competence. If we understand the four stages of this “ladder,” we gain crucial insight into the world of learning and peak performance.


Watch Episode 4: Sibling Rivalry - The New SAT vs The ACT

These two tests have been duking it out– and making families lose sleep– for decades. So much pressure! And now that colleges honestly don’t care which test students send for admissions consideration, a lot of parents have been wondering which test might be a better fit for their kids.