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Physiological health is a CRUCIAL part of intellectual vigor and a force multiplier for achievement. I frequently coach my students in everything from diet to sleep schedule to exercise because I know that these habits dictate the brain’s capabilities for focus and recall. 


January 29, 2017

Coffee with Marci

G’day, all!

Some of you have seen my interviews on “One-on-One with Steve Adubato” on NJTV. These were great opportunities for me to get my message out to the world, but they were somewhat succinct.


Watch Episode 7: Learning About Learning Discorders
An increasing number of young people in the United States are being diagnosed each year with learning or behavioral disorders. Educational pundits attribute this growth in diagnoses to everything from malnutrition to lack of sleep to school system deficiencies… to socioeconomic status to increasing practitioner awareness… and on and on. Whatever the root causes for this phenomenon, it is imperative that we all learn a little something about the disorders/disabilities/challenges faced by a significant portion of our young population.