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Dear Loving Parent:

Hi there! Welcome to my site. I really appreciate your taking the time to check it out, and I hope it’s a wonderful resource for you.

Every week or two I’ll be creating content (usually in the form of videos, sometimes in the form of written articles) aimed at equipping you to raise wildly motivated and successful students. I believe that, as Einstein said, “Everyone is a genius”– but coaxing the particular genius out of each of your children is nothing short of an art form. This site will, I hope, empower you to make it happen.

And about me:
I am a Jersey boy and the oldest of four kids. I went to Ramsey High School, where I captained several sports teams and performed in various drama and music arenas. I also frequently got in trouble in school (I was a bit of a rascal, mostly out of boredom).

I graduated from Tufts University magna cum laude in both International Relations and Spanish; then I landed the prestigious (but now defunct) Ambassadorial Scholarship through Rotary International, which paid in full for my Master’s of International Business at the University of Melbourne in Australia. I came back in 2006 and launched BrainStorm Tutoring & Arts, a network of professional academic mentors who focus on creating huge life opportunities for our students. Since that time, BrainStorm has grown into a local powerhouse of academic achievement, offering coaching in everything from pre-K Spanish to MCAT prep (and about everything in between) to thousands of kids in northern NJ.

I am a member of Mensa and have taught professionally on five continents. I am also a father of two daughters. And I love to learn!!!

I am so looking forward to taking this journey with you. I hope the content makes a meaningful contribution in your family’s life. Cheers!


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